NaPoWriMo Day Three


There was something awry at this morning’s Mass.
Something skewed.
It may have begun before I arrived late, just after the initial blessing,
But in time to confess to almighty God and all my brothers and sisters
That I have greatly sinned,
Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.
We all beat our chests,
Then sat,
Then stood for the reading of the Gospel.
We all did something different.
Some of us stood, some knelt, some sat, all at the same time.
One man was oblivious through the ringing of the Eucharist bells,
Reading his missal
even after Father said “Please kneel.”
Everyone looked at everyone, half up, half down, not wanting to be the one to get it wrong;
Uncertain what to do
As if none of us had ever gone through this same ritual
At least three hundred times in our lives.

Perhaps it was the shifting of the pews earlier this month
That led to the confusion on ancient procedure this morning.
One thing is for certain,
Change is in the air at St. Mark’s Catholic Church.

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