YEAR IN REVIEW…and so on

Twelve months
Since I slid down the rabbit hole and
Heard the Pink Queen scream,
“Off with her breasts!”
and I fell to the bottom;
and I awoke with these scars
Across the front of my chest.

Twelve months
Since I decided to close my eyes,
to cut out the cancer;
To ace this great test.
And my family and friends
and my doctors stepped in to help me
Get through it; get much needed rest.

Ten months
Since I finally went back to work;
And was told I had clearly forgotten
All that I knew with my surgery.
And I wept in the office,
And I thought I had gone mad.
Somehow I’d become a maimed, stupid pest.

Seven months
Since I quit
And spit in their eye;
Laid their criticism to rest
And I found a new job
And I was laid off there, too
Left wondering about my true quest.

Three months
Since they laid off my entire team
And I find myself asking,
“God, is this how I’m blessed?
And is this how You care?
And show us Your mercy?
Encourage us forward through an intolerable mess?

And then I remember
And then I review
And I see I’ve survived
With work left to do.
With work left to do.

(first draft 4/7/14)

2 responses to “YEAR IN REVIEW…and so on”

  1. gaiainaction says :

    Beautiful writing, and philosophical thinking about a life well worth living.

  2. roxhhh says :

    thank you… they still fascinate, the Peggy Lee moments

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