I have often marveled at how gently Jesus appeared to those He loved

That bright Sunday morning.

He spoke kindly to Mary who sought His body in His empty tomb

“Why are you weeping?”

He did not rush her; gave her time to realize, to see Him

“Mary!” She turned. “Teacher!”

He promised “My peace I give you,” to His apostles shuttered in fear,

Showing them His hands.

He met Thomas at the point of Thomas’s disbelief, knowing he needed proof.

And Thomas did believe.

He walked to Emmaus discussing His death and events with two sad followers,

Until their eyes opened.

Imagine how it freaked them out, how shocking to their psyches, mind blowing,

Jesus dead, then alive.

Imagine now how His wisdom and grace softened the shock, helped them focus

On their true mission.

Believe it or not, something incredible did happen over two thousand years ago

The charge remains unchanged…

Spread His story to whom will listen, heal the sick, love one another,

Share the Word everywhere,

So all who believe it may find their way without fear or despair

For He is alive!

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