INVENTORY.4 Perennials

Peony sprouts are knee high, leafing out
Species geraniums full and budding
Tulip blooms are spent
Coreopsis crowd the grey green yarrow
Daylilies litter the back hill and fill the front garden
Asian lilies push skyward
Purple grape hyacinths match the purple vinca
Purple vinca choke out the white blooming strawberries
and just now a rabbit nibbles on fresh daisy leaves
and the bearded irises race the Siberian irises for first place.
Chives around the roses have not yet gone to seed,
And, of course, dandelions crop up everywhere,
unwelcomed and promptly ripped up, just to laugh from another spot.

and the poppies promise blooms for Memorial Day like those in Flanders fields.

rJo Herman

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