It is truly not to punish him.
He simply lost his collar.
The black one with fake diamonds
that gave him an air of elegance
whilst chomping on pitiful mice.
He lost it, or, more likely,
worried it with his back claws
until it came unhooked
and fell into someone’s garden,
most likely Glennie and Kent’s.
He could not wander collarless,
appearing to be neglected;
an unknown vagrant in this neighborhood he loves.
I found some bright pink ribbon,
tied a bright pink bow round his fine grey neck
and now he is most assuredly
a marked, but distinguished kitty,
visible from houses down.
and tho’ he has no bell, you can absolutley tell,
it is Emil Albert Leroy Anderson Catt wending his way.
rJo Herman 9/27/15

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