I was reminded of this by another’s blog this morning.

***   ***   ***

A beautiful little crab apple was planted out back.

She bloomed bright pink each May.

Heavy, Spring snow broke her one year,

But, determined to keep her, I trimmed her back,

and she continued on,

though without as much enthusiasm as before.

I patted her trunk and whispered,”looking good,”

Each time I mowed the lawn.

Three springs ago, seven years after she broke, she bloomed with complete abandon;

Beautiful and bright on every branch.

I couldn’t help myself.

I took out my sheers to bring the blooms inside.

Just as I snipped that perfect branch, the entire top of the tree tipped towards me,

then fell to the lawn…

and the perfect tree died.

I’ve not replaced her.


rJo Herman   1/31/16

2 responses to “DON’T BLINK, OR YOU’LL MISS IT”

  1. imlittleduck says :

    This is so beautiful…

  2. fonzandcancer says :

    Thanks so much for following I really do appreciate it – Fonz

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