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…and they call the wind…

I imagine it is cold in the high country
’tis a wee bit chilly
Mariah is blowing through my pines


Today I made my annual purchase

of my favorite Talbot’s driving shoes…
Deep coral-red this year,
Cactus Flower, they call it.
Last year’s were Cornflower,
light blue and comfortably stylish.
Simply too-too, if you know what I mean.
The young woman
in front of me at the register
stopped her purchase, reached out to them.
Oh, I need a pair! and  hurried to the shoe racks.
But, you have nothing red, said her husband.
He chose the practical navy.
She and I raised an eyebrow.
One does not wear red shoes,
or blue, or yellow, or purple,
to match what else she wears.
She- we- wear shoes to brighten the day
to shock the eye, to make her-us laugh.
She did not buy them just then.  He seemed relieved.
She whispered, like Arnold, “I’ll be back.”
rJo Herman


Suddenly, it seems
morning comes earlier.
The vinca turns green,
even as patches of snow
freeze the top of the wall
rJo Herman