My mistake is not in believing in love;

My mistake is leaving love to chance…

relying on magazines or movies or old wives’ tales

love potion No. 9.

My mistake is not wanting to take the time,

just looking to jump in,

hear someone else’s voice for a while.

So that is two mistakes, tsk.

Another mistake?  assuming people mean what they say

or, if they love you, they will always love you.

If they care for you, they will always care for you.

If you need them, they will come to your aid.

They don’t always come.

Hard lesson

learning you are a liar.

The largest mistake of all is thinking you will die if love is not true;

but in the morning, if someone does not love you

You do not die

You do not shrivel

You just stand up straight, eat breaky, and head on into work.


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