4/4/2014 I failed to upload it

2 Years Ago

See Your Memories

Day 4


Seeping from a tiny fissure in the side of a rock,

gurgling out and down the surface,

soaking, soaking, soaking

into the broken granite and sandstone,

rushing round the edges of boulders,

pushing them from their spots on the hills,

sending them rolling, bouncing, tumbling

to a new world with a new view at the bottom of a canyon

where it follows

fills the holes to overflowing,

speeds down the river bed,

spreads across the prairie,

drowns the washes,

bathes the long roots of the cottonwoods,

pulls them deep into the ground,

holds the trunks

marking the way –

promising respite from a long harsh day in the beating sun.

“We’ll camp here, water the horses. Be ready to move at dawn.”

rJo Herman 4/4/14

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