NaPoWriMo Thirteen

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.”  Oscar Wilde


He could be right, our  Mr. Wilde.

I think, however, it is not only the child

who begins with love beyond belief,

then at some point is overcome with aching grief

when sometimes some things go completely awry

and parent and child feel bits of them die.

Not only the child will rise up to judge.

Oft times its the parents hold hard to the grudge

built up against eyes rolled in utter disgust,

or smart aleck comments, complete lost of trust;

protection from pain when their darling’s hate bursts,

and harsh words fly as proof that love hurts.

It makes no never mind at the end of the day,

when really there is nothing at all  left to say.

When e’en if they had them, the words will not come

while the monitors beep, blood pressure cuffs hum.

When life meets its maker,  hard work must get done,

the game played all out, the last prize well won,

the child and the parent find each other once more

and right then or later their love will restore.







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