Drove up I-70 to Georgetown

where I lived in ’85

the air was crisp,

the shops were filled,

the hills were still alive.

I shuffled through Ophelia’s

craved bone china white and blue

old books loved

toys well played

and dragon puppets, new.

The Shoppe Internationale

beckoned as of old…

Swedish toys,

Norwegian trolls,

Bright blue glass trimmed with gold.

Crossed the street to use the lew

in the warm and toasty library,

Intriguing book

of sailor’s yarns,

and others made me tarry.

Drove back ‘longside the deep cold lake,

thinking of thirty years past…

but,  does no good

to think too much,

can bring you down too fast.

So just there, ’round ’bout Downieville,

I turned off the frontage road

and joined the traffic

sailing past;

put down my punishing load.

Turned on the great new stereo

in my great new true blue Mini,

turned up the tunes

and sang along,

Made it home with smiles a plenty.

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