If you have seen it, you know.

Life does not end.  It does not. No, it does not. 

It peels away and moves beyond this body, those once treasured plans, these sweet, dear beloveds.  Often not easily, nor willingly; sometimes not even completely, but eventually -when exhaustion prevails, organs fail, when all is ready, enough is said-  the anchor lifts.     And the soul’s strong sails spread on the wind, sailing, sailing  with sad, exquisite relief.


Brandon took sail Monday, March 27, 2017.  Wishing him a good journey…


One response to “transcendence”

  1. roxhhh says :

    Six years later, thinking about our last time together, B. I raised your bed too quickly, telling you to say “when.” You grinned, whispering “When, when, when…” I brought you silk daffodils and a pretty blue and china vase…the vase slipped from my hand and shattered right outside the hospital door, so I stuck the daffodils into the vents of the a/c unit in your room. I don’t know if you even noticed, but it looked cheery. Julie and your Mom and Dad came in not long after I got there, so I left. You were gone the next morning. Glad we had a couple minutes to talk nonsense, just we two. 😉

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