Emil, the demon catt
is well into spring insanity
he wakes up galloping ’round the room
and jumping on the vanity
faster than a rolling “O”
he dashes out the door
then sits outside yowling horribly
to come back in for more
just now I could not find him
we’d just finished up our lunch
doors shut tightly, windows closed
I had not the slightest hunch
just where he might be hiding
plotting a stealth attack
so I could not simply sit, relax,
with him somewhere at my back
I called and whistled for him
smooched and shook the treats
but ’twas as though he disappeared
from bathroom, beds and seats
I must get back to work, I said
as loudly as I could
expecting him to understand
and to be very, very good
I sat down at my work space
adjusted my new IKEA chair
hit the keyboard, sat comfortably back to think,
then felt his mesmeric stare
OKAY! says I, where are you!
he let out no replies
I stood up abruptly, gave a growl,
and saw his golden eyes
half shuddered, yet absolutely, fully aware,
his whiskers slightly quivered
then he slowly lowered his head and hair
behind my computer screen…
to be continued…

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