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I could not find you today, James.

Too many flags. Too many headstones. Too many names.

I thought I would never forget just where they placed you;

Near the flag pole above the lake, with all proper ado,

Among others from the Gulf and other wars

With a view of the beautiful, wide outdoors

below ye.

You were, and are loved, my dear young friend;

You worked hard to make good, then went ’round the bend.

You died much too early with a blast to your head from your pistol;

a broken man,

while your bitch of a wife stood yelling how unfair you were to her.

You went to war, but it was always, always all about her.

I could go on…

but I really only wanted to say I couldn’t find you today,

but I looked… I looked… and I still pray

for the repose of your soul, that your heart has healed;

the full purpose of your life finally revealed.

Some say suicide is a coward’s way out,

but knowing you, I have no doubt

it was your perfect solution for everyone’s pain.

I cannot find fault in your accurate aim,

though I selfishly wish you had missed.


Peace be with you, James Edmond, USAF, buried at Ft. Logan National Cemetery


Damn, it’s a beautiful day!

Cloudless crystal blue skies and crisp, cool air

Lush green lawns soaking up what’s left of the snow

Pretty young woman swinging in her polka dot dress along South Broadway

Chickadees, robins, and doves noising up the trees

White capped mountains calling “get your *ss up here!”

Harmonizing with ol’ John Denver singing and strumming on the CD

Life is GOOD!

Life is good…

yes, it is




Have you noticed the similarity of words used to describe a swamp?

Sog, bog, slog…

My shoes grew soggy as I slogged through the bog in the open space.

Muck, suck, duck…

The duck was sucked into the muck before he knew what was happening

I’ll have to keep working on this one..


MAY DAY, 2017

May our hearts be lighter as the days grow brighter.
May all our cares be few.
May we all find joy, as we employ
our best in all we do.