I could not find you today, James.

Too many flags. Too many headstones. Too many names.

I thought I would never forget just where they placed you;

Near the flag pole above the lake, with all proper ado,

Among others from the Gulf and other wars

With a view of the beautiful, wide outdoors

below ye.

You were, and are loved, my dear young friend;

You worked hard to make good, then went ’round the bend.

You died much too early with a blast to your head from your pistol;

a broken man,

while your bitch of a wife stood yelling how unfair you were to her.

You went to war, but it was always, always all about her.

I could go on…

but I really only wanted to say I couldn’t find you today,

but I looked… I looked… and I still pray

for the repose of your soul, that your heart has healed;

the full purpose of your life finally revealed.

Some say suicide is a coward’s way out,

but knowing you, I have no doubt

it was your perfect solution for everyone’s pain.

I cannot find fault in your accurate aim,

though I selfishly wish you had missed.


Peace be with you, James Edmond, USAF, buried at Ft. Logan National Cemetery

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