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six months

oh Ma —

it’s been one hundred seventy seven days today since I last spoke to him —


one hundred seventy seven days since he —



gotta go, Ma –


love you




There once was a princess named Reese,

Who pulled on her coat made of fleece

pulled on her gloves, and her bright yellow boots,

then wiggled and giggled, shouting out great hoots,

as Great Aunt Rox tickled her very great niece.

2017 Garden Review

Cosmos all blooming in a big pot out front, check; birds flocking to the sunflowers out front; Father’s Day rose honoring Brandon healthy and blooming; Japanese beetles caught and dying in the traps;  Big Boy tomatoes going mad-yum; basil and Swiss chard available every day now; one (1) green bell pepper just starting; one (1) Big Max pumpkin about 4 inches around <sigh>; and still, for the eighteenth year, not a single zucchini… I ask you, who cannot grow zucchinis? Me, I, Moi, Yo….oh, the continuing humiliation…


holds my fascination: her bright, rose colored, single layered skirt, delicate tufted bodice crowned with a vibrant ring of the tiniest, golden blooms, and attended daily by her fattest lady-in-waiting, Mistress Bumble Bee…

The Hollyhocks bend in awe.