This picture,

No, this photograph.

No, this moment of fog lifting from Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons…

Clouds, and mist, and rising steam,

and sharp, dare I say it, jagged peaks…

grey, and greyer, and black.

Framed and captured on my wall, inviting me to stare, to search for things initially unseen,

Like when I lived in Georgetown;  countless hours spent focused on Guanella Pass anticipating a deer, or porcupine, or screeing hawk, or Jason, come to kill.

It tricks me, as I stand here with the front door open to the chill air I would expect to feel were I there.

It tricks me into thinking the wind outside is blowing these fixed clouds down, out of  the hills, across the wide valley,  shredding the veil of knowing.


 just now as I welcome to my home a magnificent, expertly framed photo “Beyond the Veil” taken by Matt Timmermeyer of a place now on my bucket list, already in my soul…

3/5/18  rJoHerman

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