“Poems from the Book of Hours” exposes Rilke’s soul; his mind, his heart,

all while he declares that should You,  God, remove all his parts,

his eyes, his ears, his feet, his arms, his heart, his mind,

still his blood shall embrace Thee; shall carry Thee to the world.

How is it he has such surety when he later asks,

“Was wirst du tun, Gott, wenn ich sterbe?

…nach mir has du kein Haus, darin dich Worte, nah und warm, begruessen…”

What WILL You do? Where will you live, God, when I die?


His questions, and his prayers lead NOT to despair,

but only to the confidence that reasons escape us due to our limited abilities,

which can be stretched, strengthened, expanded until finally all will be clear.


Lord, God, this Holy Season, fill our hearts and minds and souls with joy and knowledge,

that though there be powers beyond our understanding, You are there to guide us to All Good.



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