“The Devil,” thought John, “will ultimately lose.

I shall reach my goal,

then cleverly slip loose.”

Oh, John, thought Lord Lucifer,  you are not the first

to think you can beat me;

to avoid being cursed.

So it began, the battle to win

against all odds,

despite John’s great sin.

John signed it away, his life and his soul,

thinking he would take it back,

once he reached his greatest goal.

He believed that God would ultimately save him;

assuming that no matter what,

He could keep all his Heavenly Father gave him.

Of course, he was wrong, for God gave him his free will;

free will to choose which ever route

would help him top his hill.

God hoped He would be chosen to help John succeed;

that He would be the inspiring source

to which John would disclose his need.

But God knew with free will, another choice existed;

another choice to help John win,

though that win would end up twisted.

It is not that God stops loving you, when you to Satan turn.

It is only that because He loves,

You have the choice to burn.

So, to the story of John Phillips, already on his way

To winning the ultimate top writing prize,

His soul bargained away.


04/01/18  The beginning…





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