I freely admit I totally dislike every single tick. They drive you to distraction; some can make you sick.

You do not always notice them, until they’ve burrowed in. You scream and slap and scrape and scratch, wearing your skin quite thin.

Brush your hair?  You’ll find them there.


Hike across rocks; find ticks in your socks.

Ticks will show up any place, behind your ear… right on your face.

They hitch rides on your winter jacket, hiding in the closed front placket.

Those moving freckles on your arm?  Brush them off before they do you harm.

Ticks will drive you crazy, that is really quite certain. Just stand in the middle of the room. Avoid touching any curtain.

Carry a book of matches wherever you may go to burn them off,  blow them up, stop their blood flow.

Ticks, ticks, ticks, ticks…the bane of pine tree forests.  Spray your oil, rub your skin, make sure you get your rest.

You will need it if you live with ticks.



note: need to work on the meter





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