Christmas Gift, 2018

As my mother once did,  I’ve turned on the telly just for the sound of company.   I’ve seen this particular Hallmark movie enough times, I needn’t watch it;  just hear it conversing in the livingroom.

I’ve put on a pot of smooth, black coffee given me by a friend at work from a shop he frequents with his wife.  Corvus coffee – everything he said it would be…sweetened  by the image of him and his wife reading and laughing through the groovy Pete the Cat book I left on his desk.

I ripped open the card from my oldest friends, Ditta and Lee Gillan.  I waited all year for  their annual picture to see if Ditta is at last the shortest person in their family. She’s pretty short.  Last year’s picture showed Lee and their older grandsons towering at one end of the line, with two grandsons threatening to soon exceed their Grandma.  This year’s photo  proved those two had grown, but there are two more babies in the group, so Ditta will not be the shortest for a few more years. HA

The red hooded sweatshirt I bought for Everette the puppy is too small…or he is too big, already, at six months.   He persistently, but politely, nudged me down, then off the couch, so he could stretch out for a nap.  He is just a puppy,  he needs his rest, and I usually sit on the floor, whilst Emil Catt stretches on the couch, so I let him win.

Gifts from Eric and Marla and the kids will keep me chuckling all year long, especially, I think, the domed, screen wine glass “hats,” to keep the flies and other bugs out of my elixir.   Wish I’d thought of it first.  Oh, and Sees candy…and the pictures with Harry from Index, I’ll frame and put on the wall.

The cookies from Ted and Paula were scrumptious, and enjoyed by all at work, even though they were not sanctioned by management.  Perhaps they tasted all the better because we had to hide to eat them, HA.  The threat of someone dying from an allergic reaction, of which we were seriously warned, sweetened the sneaky eats.  Snowflake management worries too much, me thinks.

Ann and Bob sent me a GIANT flask, for those long, cold nights.   I think I might need to keep it in a first aid kit in the car, in case of blizzard…if we ever have snow again.

A whisk, and a magic shredder, and pictures of the kids galore, and this cool,  weighted blanket designed to soothe you whilst sleeping came home with me from the kids house.   They could not wait to show me their treasures…and Ryan confessed she had on “natural” mascara…not too much, of course, (“Can you tell I have it on, Granma?”).  And Max cooked the Christmas rice we smothered with green chili, and ate with Christmas tamales.   Always a highlight.   Matching Grinch jammies rounded out their night, and as soon as they put them on, they were tired and ready for Santa, even at age 11.

Emil Catt slept in until 11 today, just walked through, meowled, ate one treat, then  went back to bed.  He must know it’s a holiday.

And now I’ll stop tapping away here, pour the last cup of Christmas Joe in the pot, and relax into the promise of greatness in the Natasha Trethewey book, “Monument,” sent by Steve and Helen to inspire and entertain.  Cannot wait to dive.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Hurrah! for a lovely, though snowless, Christmas.

Life is good.




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