So I resigned.

On my birthday.

Sixty seven years old.

I refused to sign the Personal Improvement Plan (PIP).

I refused to continue to be monitored and rated, to be reprimanded because my average review scores were 91%, well below (cough) the team average of 94%.

I refused to continue to be written up, reprimanded, assured they simply wanted to help me to improve…”within the next thirty days, or be subject to further discipline, up to and including termination.”

They could not confirm that if I improved from 91% to 94%, that the expectation would not then change to 96% or 98%, or, what the hell, 100%.  No,  they could not confirm another PIP would not be in order.

I realized I would never input information as accurately, nor as swiftly as they determined necessary.  It IS all about the input, after all.   I realized that if I improved, another problem would be found, another opportunity for improvement would arise, another reason for disciplinary action.  Perhaps I could learn to not organize dangerous potlucks, or to work in the dark, or to not question the authority of the children they put in charge (Bitter, bitter, bitter, Roxanne).

I decided to refuse the constant pressure, and the direct threat.

I resigned.

And then,  when they asked if we could find a time to discuss it, I said no.

I have retired.

On my birthday.

Sixty seven years old.

Life is good…


rJo  2019

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