Step aside, John Hickenlooper

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper postponed the death penalty for a bad, bad guy, Nathan Dunlap, who coldly murdered four workers at a Chuck E Cheeses in 1993. 1993! Hick, as he is called in Colorado,  did not grant clemency. He did not move forward with the prescribed punishment. He left the ultimate decision to a future governor.  Dunlap has gained an education and notoriety while in prison. The four people he killed and their families lost everything.
Yesterday in an interview, Gov. Hickenlooper, now running for the presidency, would not admit he is a capitalist, though he made his fortune and standing in the community with his businesses.
John Hickenlooper would be faced with many life and death decisions that cannot be kicked down the road, were he to become president. He’s a nice enough guy, I suppose, but I cannot, do not trust him with my country, or my life and the lives of my family.
I encourage John Hickenlooper to step away from his presidential run; to leave it to someone who is not afraid to say who and what he is, who can make a decision, and who will follow through with it.

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