In the beginning you might be put off with the idea of working through three seemingly unrelated stories. I, myself, resent stories filled with flashbacks, requiring me to check back and forth to keep the story and characters straight. These three stories, however, will each wind their individual tentacles into your psyche, intriguing you each on their own, eventually eliminating any compulsion to flip back and forth. You will just give in to each tale; tense and prepared in each for some horrible end you cannot imagine, but know is coming.

You will succumb.  Who would not be intrigued by a small, taut, razor slashing Russian woman pilot with great loyalty and faith in those she loved traveling by any means around war torn Europe? Who would not wonder about the history of the lovely German stepmother, who appears out of nowhere to wheedle her way into the hearts and lives of a respected Boston antiques dealer and his loving daughter? And why would a pair of young, handsome, dedicated Nazi-hunters with little money and reckless plans not peak your interest?

Slowly, with smoothly wrought prose, vivid descriptions, gripping action, the stories weave together, winding tighter and tighter around you, the willing reader. You feel them begin to constrict, but you do nothing to escape. You eventually refuse to shower, and eat (though a glass of chilled late harvest Riesling boosts your resolve to finish) until you’ve read through to the satisfying ending.

READ THIS! You will fight the urge to scream warnings! You’ll shake your head in disbelief, cover you mouth in disgust…and in the end, you’ll be glad you took the time for this adventure!

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