July 2, 2019

They say it is UFO Day…and there will be a full solar eclipse later.  Already the light outside is sharp around the edges.

A professor of mine from SNHU has sold all his worldly possessions, and is now on his way to a year teaching in China.  Does he inspire?  Yes!  but I sha’n’t be going to China for my life changing event.

I had the great good fortune of hosting a wonderful author event for Jennifer Pastiloff  last evening, and to rave about it online and in emails this morning.  Such a collection of touching hearts in one room.

The sun feels so good pouring through this small, side window into the front bedroom I have set up as a makeshift “office” for purposes of showing the house for sale.  The air is cool, and still.  Emil Catt is snoozing atop blankets covering my turn table and CD stereo system partially packed for the move.  Nothing to do at this very moment, but feel the stillness.

There is magic in the air, along with space aliens!  Life is good… let’s just enjoy it for today!

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