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a local giant

Today is National Cat Day (10/30).
My cat is but a local hero,
admired for his fascination with people
and their private conversations, which,
he assumes, are all about him.
He further assumes that all he surveys is his
to chew, scratch, and claw,
or, if all else fails, to lie upon while snoring loudly.

You may have your national cat. As for me, I’ll stick with Emil.


The sun barely warms the autumnal chill,

though it shines full-on,

follows my feet crunching fallen leaves.

peers through the windows,

across the walls,

across the floors,

across my screen blinding me.

I can hear it chuckling as it enjoys the day

and mocks the coming winter.

Life is grand!

It surely, certainly, absolutely, indubitably is!