My initial theme for 2020’s NaPoWriMo was “Lies.”

You remember.   I wrote it down last week, thinking it would provide deep, meaningful thoughts and responses.  And boy did I think I had plenty of lies to report, dispel, protest.

I had three, maybe four.  Then I grew bored with the whole idea.  The required cynicism, angst proved to be downers.  Perhaps in my morose teenage years it would have been the perfect theme.   Fifty years later, though, there seems little point in being totally consumed with who, what done me wrong.  Better to just realize the deception, pack it up and toss it.

Gardens, Flowers, Birds breaking the silence…those seem more to the point today.  Or food, shoes, quilts (not made by me).    Grands, or fishing, or hikes to be taken; or long drives in my cobalt Mini.

I’ll keeping working on the list that will appeal.  April 1st not far off…  which reminds me

If we pulled an April Fool trick on Mom before April Fools’ Day, she would say, “April Fool is comin’, you’re the biggest fool a runnin’!”

After April 1st she would say, “April Fool is past, you’re the biggest fool at last!”

I suppose these days, those would be considered cruel, demeaning rhymes.  I think they just served as a reminder to keep the April Fools’ tricks to April first.   That’s all.   Didn’t stop us from trying, either – hee.



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