THE ONE AND ONLY Gwendolyn Jeannette

They tell me you are being kept comfortable with morphine to slow your heart rate

along with medication to control the fever sustained while you have been in the hospital

The sepsis in your poor corroded legs has subsided though the crystals remain

So weird those legs those crystals driving you mad

One of your claims to fame


They say you are unaware of what is around you

Nor do you recognize your son who must wear a mask and gown and gloves and cap

Only one visitor at a time they say

Only family

Not the likes of me


I would kill you were I to visit

I have a cold and my shingles have flared up

I cannot force my way into the locked down medical center to see you

to call you back whence you are going

but I need you to know I wish you would not go


I wish that we would have more lunches and cookies and coffee together

That we could sit another hour winding bandages and folding towels and laughing with your nurses

That you could sit on your front porch advising me which of your magnificent rose bushes needs pruning

That finally your sweet kitty Patches would deign to sit on my lap rather than hide under your chair until I leave

That I could again cook spaghetti or grilled cheese sandwiches or anything just for you


You are not gone yet so hear me when I say please do not go

Allow me to raise yet another wine glass filled with cherry juice chilled as you like it

to tell you I love you dear wonderful incredible amazingly “charming” woman

I truly do

and God only knows how I shall and already do miss you

*** *** *** ***

Post Script:

You died Saturday evening, March 21, 2020.   Your darling granddaughter’s twenty first birthday.  You would have made the party, had you been there, eh?

How you will be missed, Jeannette.

Peace be with you as you journey on.

I hope Heaven is ready.   You SHALL be shaking things up, not doubt!

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