Virus Impact 3-20-2020

I admit I thought the media was breathlessly, excitedly over-reacting to this Covid19 pandemic.  It demonstrated how quickly they could drum up concern and panic; control our lives to the smallest intimacy-the breaths we take.

I changed my mind, though not thoroughly convinced.    I am abiding by the rules I hear on television: staying home, washing my hands, changing my pillow cases every morning, distancing myself from people.  I miss walking among people in stores, smiling at silly kids, nodding at other white haired grandmas, waving at the bankers in their niche at King Soopers.   I like discussing cheese at the cheese counter, waiting while my Boar’s Head Ichi Ban Teriyaki Chicken is sliced extra thin for Emil Catt’s and my enjoyment.   I am not visiting every day as was my wont.   I do wonder why all the salt and spices disappeared from the shelves. Salt, and frozen pizza (well, I can understand the frozen pizza).

How will our lives change forever?  Will we all hesitate to fly, to shop, to gather for church?  Will my Grands go to school, or learn from home on their computers?  Will I evermore (quoth the Raven) keep a “Rag Bag” of clean cloths to use for wiping up spills, rather than buying paper towels as I have in the past.   Will I continue to use my antique lace hankies, washing and smoothing them with a hot iron, stacking them in a neat pile like Mom did way back when?  I have one box of tissues left on my desk, anxious that the next one I pull will be the last.  It feels daring to use a tissue; extravagant; wasteful.

How quickly will we return to our previous lives of easy camaraderie with complete strangers in our local bookstores, coffee shops?  When we take a road trip, will we find hotels open at the end of the day?  What businesses will be gone forever once they are allowed to reopen, if they reopen?

It grows curiouser and curiouser, doesn’t it, Alice – and continues to enthrall.

Be safe and well ’til we meet again.

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