PANDEMIC FATIGUE, or pretty close to it, but not closer than six feet…

I have for the most part stopped watching the news.

They list worsening stats ‘bout how many we lose

Every single solitary ever loving day,

So stay inside, wear a mask, do not call friends to play.


But then on the other hand work to keep in touch,

Call your mom, write your brother, it does not take too much

Effort to let people know just how you are doing.

Send a joke, or a quick hello, just do not sit there stewing.


Well, which is it, Twits?  What would you have us do?

Stay locked inside, and practice crafts,  or learn to make beef stew?

If I order packages to be delivered by someone I don’t know

Do I open them now, or spray them down, or wait a day or so?


This too shall pass, crap always does. It’s simply academic.

We shall survive to tell just how we beat this epidemic

Of twenty twenty and beyond by staying away from people

And stores and shops and every church with or without a steeple.



4/5/2020   Day five NaPoWriMo

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