There is a brat child who lives down the stairs.

She’s really quite naughty, tho’ she never, ever swears (yet).

She thinks she’s cute. Someone told her, no doubt,

But I find her awful when she stamps about,

Screeching at her mother, pulling plants out the pot,

throwing and leaving her toys out to rot.

How I’d love to get hold of her ratty black hair

and sit her quite firmly in a small corner chair.

And leave her alone there for an hour or two

cleaning all of the mud off each and every shoe

she threw out the door when it started to rain.

She laughed and she stomped, caused her mother great pain

as her shoes filled with muck, her lace stockings were stained.

Yes, if I think I would spank her, and put her to bed.

That’s not what we do now, I’ve heard it said.

Especially a neighbor glaring down from above,

It’s good that her mother showers her with love.


rJo Herman  4/6/20  day 6 NaPoWriMo



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