My God, My God…

Jesus the man knelt alone; tired, in pain and great fear.

He called out for his Father whom He could not see or hear.

Engulfed in deep anguish, He shook as He pleaded,

then no doubt wept as His prayers seemed unheeded.


My God! where are you?   Why, why, why?

They want to kill me!  I do not want to die!

I am your son! I am God!

or maybe not. I am so flawed,

and oh, so weak, and tired and lame.

Please let this cup pass – release me from its claim.


But it did not, would not, could not pass.

God’s plan would never change, alas.


His trial and and punishment, unwarranted, it is true,

were carried out as the mob wished until His life was through.

Then Jesus God rose from the dead, and walked back through the sun

and proved that through His faithfulness His Father’s will was done.




rJo Herman  EASTER  4/12/2020



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