The world is a-twitter

With slogans and glitter

‘bout how we must all save the planet.

They’re planning loud marches,

Hanging slogans from arches.

The anger grows huge as they fan it.

But in our fair land lives a different class

 Conservators living way out on the grass,

Nurturing the earth with the hooves of their herd.

Bison or buffalo, whichever you choose,

Living their lives with nothing to lose;

Grazing, and ranging, breaking up the curd.

Feet stroking prairie as once was the norm

Tilling the soil, cold weather and warm,

Ultimately saving earth and fine grasses.

Let the protestors prattle,

Decrying flatulence of cattle,

We shall hail the O’Briens with raised glasses!

(bet you thought I’d work in some asses)      HA

Roxanne Harrington

04/29/2021 my entry into the Wild Idea annual bison poetry contest

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