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Just Ruminating on a Sunday Mornin’

I grew up going to Catholic School with Mass every morning, every Sunday – never did the Saturday evening “pre Sabbath” Mass…then I married a non-Catholic, so figured I was excommunicated, so I went to the Science of Mind church. Was married a second time in the Methodist Church, still went to church on Sundays, and sometimes Wednesday evening – joined some classes, committees. That faded to hit and miss attendance.
After my mastectomy in 2013 I went back to Mass every day for a year or two…even gave the priest palpations by going to Confession for the first time in 41 years…my list of sins was long and scandalous – he gave me three Hail Mary’s as my penance – somehow I was disappointed. Surely he should have made me scrub the Nave floor on my hands and knees.
Now it’s been years…I stopped into St. Frances Cabrini’s morning Mass one time since I’ve moved here…
I wonder where it goes, that urge to go to church. I know that I know that I know God Is and ever shall be, AND that He walks with me wherever I go. Have no interest in debating that… nor convincing anyone else about it…they’ll know in due time.
Just old, i guess… God knows…that’s enough…