ANEW 2021

At last

A new house with a yard with the promise of a garden;

A front door, and a back door, and did I mention a yard?

I have been here a week just today.

I grew accustomed to living inside my condo with its balcony in the treetops.

I went down and up the stairs once a day for the mail, and a quick walk between buildings,

looking for sprouting lilies planted by the HOA, not by any of the residences –


we could not participate in unauthorized planting (as stated on my record – heh).

No matter, now I can plant with abandon – and I shall.

Daylillies, hundreds of them – or fifty šŸ˜‰

Poppies – American Heritage – large, red, spreading

I just purchased five packets of seeds to sow before the last freeze,

or, as I like to say, any day now HA

along the driveway where they, whoever they were, parked their many cars

mashing the soil into a hard surface

soon to be raked and scraped and torn by my long handled claw of a tool.

And I tossed the dried peppers that fell from the ristra in the move into a corner near the fence.

They will grow, and I shall hang another ristra of my own making next September.

Much to do…and glad for it.


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