Spruced Up

I planted it, finally…

Ran the hose and filled the spot with water to soften the soil,

break down the clay, ease the shovel into a hole big enough to accept the root ball;

broke up the bottom roots to allow for stretch and growth,

layered on some soil enhancer to feed it and shield it from the desert dryness of the front yard,

Placed it in the new hole at a distance from the gas line mark,

but not before I studied the yard for just the right spot

equidistant from the sidewalk and the property line and the curve of the front garden.

I imagined it larger, well settled in place, filling that corner with its lovely blue color,

with birds nesting in its branches, flickers calling from its top knot.

I see it decorated for Christmas with lights and ornaments and strings of popcorn.

The squirrels will think it was all done for them, and the popcorn will be gone quickly.

It’s short right now. Just above my knee, but I believe in its future, in its promised height and fullness,

an anchor to the front yard for years and years to come.

I have no idea why it took me so long to plant it. Now it looks like it has always been there.


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