Another hot – witheringly hot – day.

They promise things will cool to the 80’s on Sunday.

I was up early like every other day this Summer

thinking to water the garden, fill the birdbaths and feeders,

pull the curtains, then sit in front of the a/c unit reading or something before the daily scorch begins

So far, except to go out to bring in the Wall Street Journal,

I’ve sat at the kitchen table listening to the budgies chatter and bicker,

replied to some emails and messenger comments and marveled at how nicely quiet

and cool it is here just now.

I need to plant that new peony…a luscious red which should brighten next Spring’s garden. I’ve put it and its pot in the spot I want it to grow… I’ll plant it…I will…

I need to plant three euonymous shrubs lined up by the fence. I have made the case that I need to water the ground around the pots really well so the soil will be easy to dig. That has bought me some time out of the heat…hah. Of course, there is only me to answer for getting or not getting them planted, so as easily as I can make the case for delay, I can insist that I get up and get it over with. Later…

I should vaccuum, especially where the budgies have tossed their seeds. They are busy having some sort of head bobbing argument just now, I think over the oats and groats treats they both seem to love. OMG, Blueby has now squatted inside the feed cup filling it with her feathered bod so that Greenie cannot get even a nibble. Selfish and bossie she is.

I’m too lazy to get up and vaccuum…too lazy to reach over to refill my coffee mug…am still reveling in the effects of yesterday’s massage.

Now that I’ve written this, I feel compelled to stop with the lazing around, so I shall stop for the time being.

Just take this as a reminder to take time to chillax, as my granddaughter, Ryan Elizabeth, says. It’s a good thing to do.

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