This was written in response to an email post by my oldest brother which showed photos of some people who should be shunned. Here’s to acknowledging that not all blessed with golden tongues have similar hearts and integrity.

“Whoa… Some of these are actually pretty gut wrenching… all these people should be ashamed of themselves, and shunned by society, rather than idolized.   I believe the Amish have it right…shunning is perfect for egomaniacs…or put them out to sea never to touch land again, as done in Hale’s 1863 book, THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY.  

That picture of the Oklahoma bombing is so sickening…I was at a Professional Mortgage Women’s annual conference in Portland, OR not long after that explosion…came time to acknowledge members who’d died in the previous year…The speaker stood up and just said the date and the time of the explosion, and before she could say even one name of all the FHA personnel who worked in that building and were blown to bits by Timothy McVeigh, everyone was on their feet in support of the few survivors who’d made it to our meeting.    Hillary Clinton does not deserve to walk the ground the rubble fell on…   Janet Reno went after Timothy McVeigh, but no one else who fed his sick mind.   If you read the book,  OTHERS UNKOWN, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy by Peter Israel and Stephen Jones, the attorney assigned to represent McVeigh, you realize that Reno and her gang made a great show of giving the people someone to blame…that was their only goal. They did not pursue any others, except Terry Nichols who resides in a Colorado Supermax Prison, able to live, breathe, and communicate with his compadres.      

And today we hear on the news that Jane Fonda is touting her remorse at having cosmetic surgery.    I wonder if she has an ounce of regret at betraying our POWs in Viet Nam. 

A Pox on them all…

And now I’ll will cease my daily free association time 😊     keep sharing these, Teddy!   They make us think.”     

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