I remember 8/8/88.  I worked for Alpine Bank in Glenwood Springs, and we all met for an 8.8.88 party at the home of Norm Franke, a VP.   We all brought alcoholic beverages, which we poured into a spanking clean trash can, mixed them all up, and toasted that once in a lifetime date, told lame jokes, and laughed our heads off. It was great.

Today, I left a message for Norm Franke on his phone at the bank where he is now a Regional President down here in Denver.  It was good to hear his voice on the message. It hasn’t changed from thirty-four years ago.   Still friendly, kind, interested.   A slight accent of some sort.   I googled his name, and found recent pictures.   Still tall and thin…a little more grey hair.  His wife is still lovely.    I left him a message just to say I remember the day, and the fun we had, and I wished him well.   

I sometime wonder what my life would have been had I not left Alpine Bank, and Glenwood Springs. I suppose my finances would be stronger.   I might not have divorced my second husband who grew up there.   Can’t say what might have been.   What IS is good and okay. 

I’m glad for the memories, and the chuckles they bring.

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