What’s not to love?!

Shiny, slick.   You could say luxurious!


Editorial Covers that often make you cringe;

 multitudes of ads for things you’ll never need;

eye-trapping layout pulling you into

a world not yours, but ever so possible in some other dimension;

portable companions entertaining you as you sip java at the neighborhood bistro;

conversation starters found on your sister’s table – Can you believe THIS?…as you share the page, wide eyed and disgusted – awed.


Some people strive to be featured IN magazines – each makeup covered blemish magnified.  Fame, y’know.

Some strive to create, publish, and promote magazines, dedicating their lives to finding new twists on old news.  Satisfying work, some say.

I revel in unrequired, unscheduled, unordinary reading pulp can provide, covering on my tables and lying by my bed, and calling my name even as I toss the pile.  


Observation:  The Universe hates a void.  Magazines work in sync with the Universe to keep voids filled, and so their purpose is clear and well established.  And so it is. And so I am grateful -selah-

04/03/23  rJo Herman

NaPoWriMo 2023  Day Three

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