Here’s to the day.

May that old sun shine.

And may the birds chirp away.

And later may the stars all align.

May our hearts be light

As we sing through the day,

May our thoughts be bright

And jolly in every which way.

And may tomorrow with its feast

Give us memories fine and sweet.

May all the cooks get to sit at least

After all day on their feet.

Yes, we all are ever grateful

For the good that we receive,

And with every single plateful

May we find cause to believe

Life is good!

rJoHerman 11/23/22

Back to School Clothes

Lucia thought to make her friends drool

With the new clothes she bought just for school.

The colors were bright,

But the pants were too tight

And split when she sat on a stool.



I remember 8/8/88.  I worked for Alpine Bank in Glenwood Springs, and we all met for an 8.8.88 party at the home of Norm Franke, a VP.   We all brought alcoholic beverages, which we poured into a spanking clean trash can, mixed them all up, and toasted that once in a lifetime date, told lame jokes, and laughed our heads off. It was great.

Today, I left a message for Norm Franke on his phone at the bank where he is now a Regional President down here in Denver.  It was good to hear his voice on the message. It hasn’t changed from thirty-four years ago.   Still friendly, kind, interested.   A slight accent of some sort.   I googled his name, and found recent pictures.   Still tall and thin…a little more grey hair.  His wife is still lovely.    I left him a message just to say I remember the day, and the fun we had, and I wished him well.   

I sometime wonder what my life would have been had I not left Alpine Bank, and Glenwood Springs. I suppose my finances would be stronger.   I might not have divorced my second husband who grew up there.   Can’t say what might have been.   What IS is good and okay. 

I’m glad for the memories, and the chuckles they bring.


Another hot – witheringly hot – day.

They promise things will cool to the 80’s on Sunday.

I was up early like every other day this Summer

thinking to water the garden, fill the birdbaths and feeders,

pull the curtains, then sit in front of the a/c unit reading or something before the daily scorch begins

So far, except to go out to bring in the Wall Street Journal,

I’ve sat at the kitchen table listening to the budgies chatter and bicker,

replied to some emails and messenger comments and marveled at how nicely quiet

and cool it is here just now.

I need to plant that new peony…a luscious red which should brighten next Spring’s garden. I’ve put it and its pot in the spot I want it to grow… I’ll plant it…I will…

I need to plant three euonymous shrubs lined up by the fence. I have made the case that I need to water the ground around the pots really well so the soil will be easy to dig. That has bought me some time out of the heat…hah. Of course, there is only me to answer for getting or not getting them planted, so as easily as I can make the case for delay, I can insist that I get up and get it over with. Later…

I should vaccuum, especially where the budgies have tossed their seeds. They are busy having some sort of head bobbing argument just now, I think over the oats and groats treats they both seem to love. OMG, Blueby has now squatted inside the feed cup filling it with her feathered bod so that Greenie cannot get even a nibble. Selfish and bossie she is.

I’m too lazy to get up and vaccuum…too lazy to reach over to refill my coffee mug…am still reveling in the effects of yesterday’s massage.

Now that I’ve written this, I feel compelled to stop with the lazing around, so I shall stop for the time being.

Just take this as a reminder to take time to chillax, as my granddaughter, Ryan Elizabeth, says. It’s a good thing to do.


This was written in response to an email post by my oldest brother which showed photos of some people who should be shunned. Here’s to acknowledging that not all blessed with golden tongues have similar hearts and integrity.

“Whoa… Some of these are actually pretty gut wrenching… all these people should be ashamed of themselves, and shunned by society, rather than idolized.   I believe the Amish have it right…shunning is perfect for egomaniacs…or put them out to sea never to touch land again, as done in Hale’s 1863 book, THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY.  

That picture of the Oklahoma bombing is so sickening…I was at a Professional Mortgage Women’s annual conference in Portland, OR not long after that explosion…came time to acknowledge members who’d died in the previous year…The speaker stood up and just said the date and the time of the explosion, and before she could say even one name of all the FHA personnel who worked in that building and were blown to bits by Timothy McVeigh, everyone was on their feet in support of the few survivors who’d made it to our meeting.    Hillary Clinton does not deserve to walk the ground the rubble fell on…   Janet Reno went after Timothy McVeigh, but no one else who fed his sick mind.   If you read the book,  OTHERS UNKOWN, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy by Peter Israel and Stephen Jones, the attorney assigned to represent McVeigh, you realize that Reno and her gang made a great show of giving the people someone to blame…that was their only goal. They did not pursue any others, except Terry Nichols who resides in a Colorado Supermax Prison, able to live, breathe, and communicate with his compadres.      

And today we hear on the news that Jane Fonda is touting her remorse at having cosmetic surgery.    I wonder if she has an ounce of regret at betraying our POWs in Viet Nam. 

A Pox on them all…

And now I’ll will cease my daily free association time 😊     keep sharing these, Teddy!   They make us think.”     


I’ve seen him through the front window, walking.   Tall, fairly young – thirty, thirty-five maybe. Neatly, casually dressed.   Very straight back.   He looks fit and agile, until you realize his head does not swivel on his neck.  When he looks left or right, he moves slowly from the waist, his shoulders bring his head along for the turn.  Chin locked.   Mostly he looks forward.    His footsteps are heavy – slight lift, careful placement.  Each move deliberate, fully completed before the next move is made.  He does not stroll. Does not swing his arms.   

The one time we spoke, I was chasing a cat out of a tree away from a bird’s nest as he was passing by.  He half turned, half grinned. Said, “Your yard is looking nice.”    

I am glad he’s out there making his life work.

Spruced Up

I planted it, finally…

Ran the hose and filled the spot with water to soften the soil,

break down the clay, ease the shovel into a hole big enough to accept the root ball;

broke up the bottom roots to allow for stretch and growth,

layered on some soil enhancer to feed it and shield it from the desert dryness of the front yard,

Placed it in the new hole at a distance from the gas line mark,

but not before I studied the yard for just the right spot

equidistant from the sidewalk and the property line and the curve of the front garden.

I imagined it larger, well settled in place, filling that corner with its lovely blue color,

with birds nesting in its branches, flickers calling from its top knot.

I see it decorated for Christmas with lights and ornaments and strings of popcorn.

The squirrels will think it was all done for them, and the popcorn will be gone quickly.

It’s short right now. Just above my knee, but I believe in its future, in its promised height and fullness,

an anchor to the front yard for years and years to come.

I have no idea why it took me so long to plant it. Now it looks like it has always been there.



This heat
This heat
Leaves me beat
And irritated at the chirping birds



Nelle prayed the decision to move her Sisters was the right one.   They lay in sacred ground, some over one hundred years, and per established custom, exhuming them was wrong. 

“Please, God… a small sign that You agree with this.”

Then birds filled the trees drowning out her worries, and sunlight shown.



June 25, 2022, The Morning after Roe V Wade

Oh, my God,

I have yet to turn on the telly, but it seems we woke up this morning to find the world did not end yesterday, despite the hysterics who would have us think so.

You knew it would not.

You have given us yet another morning to stretch and face the future, come what may. You have left us with the renewed challenge of determining our fates, and the opportunity to build on the strengths of our collective hopes, dreams, and expectations to make this world a place we would be happy to leave our children’s children. That free-will You gave us? It is still here.

Thank you, Lord.

Now, if we may trouble You for Your assistance,

Remind us to let cooler heads prevail. Inspire us to lower our voices, slow our cadence, so that we may sense the correct direction to take us to the highest and best good for our neighbors, our towns, our country, for humanity as a whole. Help us to respect each other, and each other’s needs. Save us from those who would lead us into temptation for their personal political gain. Silence them, so they will listen to those who elected them, and develop plans to benefit us all. And while you are at it, give us the wisdom to understand that we are each other’s enemies only if we choose to be.

Please remind us to respect each other, regardless of our age, heritage, religion, social stature. Remind us that the children of our communities need our guidance, our respect, our direction, and our protection. And remind us that talk is cheap. Correct action is necessary and required.

So, just do it, okay, Lord? Save us from ourselves. We need You now…even those of us who do not believe in You, for it is true that bidden or not bidden, You are present, and believe it or not You ultimately direct our hand.

Amen, and thanks for today’s rain!