DAY 8 NaPoWriMo

This week marks the anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis…all is well, but the results pop into my head often enough to warrant a poem or twenty…I hope you get the chuckle in this…my new breasts now reside on a shelf in my closet, available to use in any sized pocket I choose

DAY 8 NaPoWriMo


I never could wear the pretty ones,
Bras, that is.
I was confined to the heavy duty, utility type.
No stretchy shoulder straps,
No plunging push-ups.
My God, if I’d tried a push-up,
My chin would have suffocated in cleavage.

Nope, pretty bras were never for me.
And now that I don’t need them–
Could buy any one I want in any size I want–
I have no desire to put one on.
No stretchy shoulder straps to bug me.
My God, certainly no push-up for my breast forms.
My chin is safe to breathe.

rJo Herman 4/8/14

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