Blowing in the Wind

It was not snowing when I went to bed last night,  so I did not even realize it had done so  until I went out in my slippers to fetch the morning paper and sunk in to my ankles.  BRR!  Emil Catt refused to follow me, watching from behind the front door.

Now, early afternoon,  the sun is out, bright; melting all snow on the streets and sidewalks, while the wind is blowing snow from the rooves* and fields across our windshields, blinding us like a New Mexico sandstorm in hot summers, though we’re shivering now.

“Tis a lovely, bright, freezing day!  I love Colorado!

rJo  2/23/18

Did you know *Rooves as a plural of roof is dated, but not incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary lists “rooves” as an alternate to roofs, one of several outdated spellings used in the UK, and in New England as late as the 19th century.    I’m amazed ! I was taught rooves was the plural for roof in the 1960s.   ‘Course you never really knew how old the good sisters were, nor if they came from the UK…


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